Grab Some...BIG ASS Bourbon whiskey!!! 

Big Ass Story

Big Ass Bourbon is named in honor of one of the finest 
breeds of donkey in the world, the American Mammoth.
It is the world's largest breed of donkey, averaging 15 hands
but some grow to17 hands or larger.  That‘s 5' 8” at the 
withers.  Which is incredible!  Because the average size of a 
standard donkey is 11 hands, which is  only 44” tall. 
The registry for the American Mammoth Jackstock was 
set up in 1888 to keep track and promote the breed.  Mam-
moths were developed mostly for producing exceptional
mules for work and riding. The asses come in a variety 
of colors.  Every donkey has its own individual personality. 
But they do have two things in common which are their 
calm and gentle natures and their willingness to please.
It's this commitment to fine breeding that prompted the
development of a refined, strong bourbon with a gentle 
flavor aimed at pleasing even the most discriminating 
bourbon enthusiast.  Small batched in 6-9 barrel batches
in Bardstown, Kentucky, at 90 proof strength.

We hope you enjoy it with your big ass family and friends
and remember to drink responsibly.